Quality Engineer

Nov 17, 2020

The holder of this position is called to perform the following tasks :

-Ensure the processing of customer complaints in collaboration with other departments;

– Oversee the application of EOS systems and procedures;

– Analyze the customer’s product quality requirements;

– Ensure the management of customer complaints;

– Evaluate the manufacturing process in collaboration with the Engineering Department;

– Inform the engineers of the Engineering Department of any anomalies and decide on corrective actions in collaboration with them;

– Examine and validate the means of production and control and ensure the implementation of periodic equipment inspection plans;

– Participate in feasibility studies in collaboration with the Engineering and Production departments;

– Develop audit and control plans and ensure their implementation.

– Ensure the control and updating of documentation.

– Define medium and long term objectives and actions in collaboration with the immediate superior.

– Stop the manufacturing process when basic quality specifications are not met