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Offre d’emploi Technical Lead – Informatique, Télécom, Internet – Maroc | Novojob

2022-12-18 15:00:28

Offre d’emploi Technical Lead – Informatique, Télécom, Internet – Maroc | Novojob

A Technical Lead (Tech Lead, TL) is an engineer with exceptional knowledge in product business goals and use-cases. A TL works together with the project team.

  • Wellness programs to promote healthy work life balance. Including Wellness Wallet credits to cover things like massages, fitness centers/studios, athletic equipment, home gym equipment, books, manicures, you name it!

  • Benefits: we offer supplemental health benefits to you for free. Medical insurance (based on World Medicine, includes Oncology treatment, Neurosurgery, Transplantation, Cardiac Surgery)

  • EAP 24/7 psychological support

  • Work From Home Stipend (if you are a remote team member): we want to assist you in setting up a home office that works for you.

  • Focus Fridays: Every other Friday, you have the opportunity to use the day for your needs. It can be used for personal time or time to catch up on projects. The intent is to give you the flexibility to schedule how and when you work, to get the job done. Of course, if an important business need comes up on this day, the expectation is that you make room for it. Some departments need coverage and will adjust for another day.

  • People: work together with talented, collaborative, and friendly people who love what they do.

  • Development: utilize our learning platform, WorkRamp to get the training and tools you’ll need to become successful here from your first day with us. And take advantage of our professional development stipend.

  • Fun: we host virtual events every month and weekly interactive company-wide meetings.

  • https://www.novojob.com/maroc/offres-d-emploi/offre-d-emploi/maroc/128223-technical-lead


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